Hiring an attorney usually isn’t something you think about until you need one. At that point you’re asking yourself (and others) who should I call? What should you look for in a lawyer? A fancy billboard, a TV commercial, or a well stated radio commercial? A good sales pitch doesn’t necessarily mean a great attorney.

Many ask a friend or family member who they suggest. If you don’t already know this, you should; hiring an attorney is beyond the scope of a business relationship, or should be. You want someone you trust to protect your interests. Your attorney should be someone you will eventually call a friend. After all, shouldn’t it be a friend who stands beside you, someone you trust and know you can depend on?

Your choice of attorney is one made on virtue and trust. Someone who has a track record of strength, capability, knowledge, and strategy. You’re looking for a warrior who doesn’t back down and a confident friend who is completely interested in protecting you.

I’ve known David DeLozier and have been a client of his for many years. He has helped my wife and I several times in that confusing, uncertain, and tedious arena of law. In every instance, David DeLozier has been a trusted friend, an uncompromising warrior, and a competent expert at legal strategy and law. We are much better off having him on our side.

Do YOU need an attorney? You need a friend who cares and has high morals. You need strength, knowledge, and ability. I highly recommend David DeLozier. You won’t find a better man, or attorney, to represent you…