Highly Experienced Divorce Lawyer Phoenix

Families Can Have Legal Problems. Ugly Legal Problems. Divorces Can Be Very Difficult.

We Are Here to Help You Unravel the Law and Make Your Family Legal Issues Better For You.

Highly Experienced Divorce Lawyer Phoenix

Families Can Have Legal Problems. Ugly Legal Problems. Divorces Can Be Very Difficult.

We Are Here to Help You Unravel the Law and Make Your Family Legal Issues Better For You.

Highly Experienced Divorce Lawyer Phoenix

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highly experienced Phoenix Divorce LawyerFacing a divorce is a difficult situation to be in, and there’s not anything that can make it better. More comfortable could be right, but not better. When you get married, you never expect to wind up in this situation. It’s nobody’s plan, but it happens. Getting through it is challenging, but it’s something that has to be done, and it has to be done in as fair a way as possible.

Getting through a divorce can be emotionally draining, even when things are going to plan. It is best not to have to go through it alone. There are highly experienced divorce lawyers in North Phoenix AZ to help you through the process. Going through the process of divorce is a challenge, even with the help of an excellent attorney. There is no reason to go through the process alone, or with sub-par counsel.

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What is Divorce?

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, divorce is “the action or instance of legally dissolving a marriage.” This is, of course, something of an oversimplification. There are several steps to the divorce process, from legal separation to the final ruling and signatures.

This also doesn’t begin to address the emotional aspects of a divorce or the complications that can arise around property, children and other dependants, etc. The government gives guidelines about the differences between the length of the marriage. They can tell you what impact this will have on the process at https://superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/family/divorce-proceedings/.

The superior court state that, “A divorce where the parties have been married for a short time, have no children, and little property or debt can be less involved. On the other hand, “A divorce where the parties have been married for a long period of time, where there are minor children, or where there is a significant amount of property or debt to be divided, and the parties are in disagreement may take additional time.” You need to think about this as it will have an impact on proceedings, length of time to complete and complexities.

What are the Implications of Divorce?

The consequences and implications of divorce are long-ranging and challenging to define, particularly if you have children. Every divorce is different, and so, the consequences of each separate divorce will not always be the same as we discussed above.

But there are some implications that, in one way or another, run through nearly every divorce. These include the emotional pain, grief, and trauma that follow the ending of a romantic and legal union, as well as the financial stress and dividing of all financial, physical, and legal belongings and memories.

Many repercussions of divorce will need to be worked through. The most basic ones include the splitting of property and shared bank accounts, child custody dealings, and the economic stresses of divorce (which can cost as much as $15,000-$20,000).

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Duties of a Divorce Lawyer

Any divorce attorney’s first job is to help the divorce go as smoothly as it can. A divorce lawyer can help explain the process to you, walk you through the steps, and help you with the paperwork. Yet, there are many options and different ways that they can do this.

Pre-divorce Counseling 

This is another step in the attorney understanding the situation, and helping the client understand the situation. This can include going through components like bank accounts, child custody, property, etc. This is all based on helping the client be more comfortable in the courtroom.


A big part of a divorce lawyer’s job is research-based. They have to understand the case from every angle and gather lots of information related to it. This can include tax returns, medical bills, real estate bills, related paperwork, and information about children’s schools, for example. This helps the counselor make the divorce process as efficient as possible. It allows them to advise and reach a settlement from a more informed position.

Advice and How to Reduce Stress

As stated, going through a divorce is an incredibly complicated and stressful situation. As an expert on the subject, a divorce lawyer can tell you what steps to take, how to deal with stress, and who to talk to. They can make you feel more comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

An excellent divorce lawyer can make sure that the proceedings go to plan in a quick, fair, and smooth manner.


A good lawyer’s advice can also help the client avoid making mistakes in the divorce process, which can be damaging and extend the process. The legal system is complicated, particularly for someone going through an emotionally trying time. The lawyer can act as a buffer between the client and the stress of the situation. 

Settlement of the Case

The lawyer can act as a liaison between his client and the other spouse and their lawyer. This can be particularly important if, after thoroughly examining the case, the lawyer decides that the case is going in the wrong direction for his client. This could be in either a legal or emotional way and makes it that a settlement should be reached to save the situation. To do this, they will start a conversation with the other attorney and spouse to settle the affair outside of the courtroom.

Choose a Highly Experienced Phoenix AZ Divorce Lawyer

In Arizona, divorce is called the Dissolution of Marriage. The state law of Arizona requires sixty-days in between the initial date of service before you process with officially filing for a divorce. After this initial sixty-day period has passed, the actual divorce process will depend immensely on the personal situation of the client and the factors involved in the divorce.

Finding the right divorce lawyer in Phoenix can seem daunting. You want someone who will make you comfortable, walk you through the ups and downs of the process, and help you with all of the necessary paperwork. For that, The Judicial Branch of Arizona has their Divorce Proceedings department. They break down the instructions and forms into four simple packets, making it as easy on you as possible.

If you are going through a divorce, you need someone like them in your corner. If you need a highly experienced divorce lawyer Phoenix AZ that’s also reasonably priced, call us today for a free consultation at 602-464-9666

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