I wanted to express my gratitude to David and Amy DeLozier for being the amazing personal injury lawyers Phoenix AZ and all of the help they offered me throughout my accident settlement. Every step of the way I felt that they cared more about my outcome than their own. After such a traumatic experience all I wanted to do was get answers and they were excellent at communicating the status of my claim thoroughly and taking the action necessary to get results quickly. I was told that insurance claims can be a long drawn out process but I never once felt that my claim was not continuing to press forward in a timely manner.

I realize that driving on the streets of Arizona involves an inherent risk but since this accident was not my fault, I just wanted to be put in the position I was the day before the accident and I have been. Both of you not only made sure that I was restituted but that I was able to focus on what is most important, my physical and mental well being. Thank you both so much for all that you do. You both do it very well.